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1.   Church of St Cyneswide and St Tibba

The model for the book’s church of St Cyneswide and St Tibba is the monumental west front of Peterborough Cathedral, although the London parish church is reduced in size to more modest proportions.

P'borough west front (1).jpg

2. Photograph of the parish coffin of Howden Minister, Yorkshire, taken by church historian John Vigar.

The parish coffin was used, and re-used, for the poor who could not afford to buy their own. The shrouded body was removed from the coffin at the grave site. In Plague Searchers there are those who want to get rid of the parish coffin.

Parish coffin Howden Minister Yorkshire taken by John Vigar.jpg

3.   The Church Warden’s modest dwelling.

Frances Barrow, Church Warden of St Cyneswide and St Tibba, lives in a room perched above the entrance to Bird-in-hand Court. I pictured it looking something like the Gatehouse of St Bartholomew the Great, one of the oldest churches in the City of London. Built in 1595, the Gatehouse survived the Great Fire, as a well as a Zeppelin raid in 1917, and can be visited today.

GALLERY 3 St Bartholomew Gatehouse Church Warden's dwelling.jpg
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